New Homepage and Map

Meeting the Portal – New & Classic

Once you have logged in with your credentials, the new Portal is displayed by default.

New Portal

We have a fresh, new Portal Home Page and Map for you with a new UI aimed to improve your fleet tracking experience.

Using the Portal Navigation

Use the Navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen to navigate to the Homepage, the Map, User Preferences page or to the Help Center.

How to navigate:

Click Home to display the Homepage, click Map to display the Map, or click User Preferences to display the User Preferences page.

How to expand or collapse the Navigation menu:

You may also expand or collapse the Navigation menu by clicking the Expand or Collapse button respectively.

How to use the User Preferences page:

The link to open the User Preferences page and the User Preferences page itself are only available to users with User Admin permission.

The User Preferences page allows you to set your Dashboard preferences for measurement unit (US (Standard) or Metric), time zone, default account landing page (Homepage, Map (New!), Map (Classic) or Classic Dashboard), and side-bar theme (dark or light). Additionally, you can logout from this page.

Any preferences set in the User Preferences page will override preferences set in the Classic User Preferences tab.

How to get to the Help Center:

Click Help Center to open a new browser tab displaying the Help Center.

We are also providing access to our Classic Portal. Please see “Classic Portal” for more information.

Using Your Resources

Use the following links to learn how to use the new Homepage and Map with helpful articles and videos:

Returning to Classic

Classic Portal

If you would prefer to use the Classic Portal, you still can!

How to get back to Classic:

Simply click Back to Classic from the Navigation on the left-hand side of the screen to display the Classic Portal.

See Getting Started for tips for beginners using the Classic Portal.