Editing a Landmark

The portal provides two areas for you to edit or delete a landmark: Edit Landmark page (one at a time) or the Mass Update page (multiple).

Edit a Landmark (One at a Time)

The Edit Landmark page allows you to view and edit the properties of a single landmark. If you want to resize the radius (circle landmarks), edit the lock, change the owner, edit the altitude, or edit the color of more than one landmark at a time, use the Mass Update Landmarks page.

To edit a landmark:

  1. From the  portal, hover over the Mapping menu, click Edit Landmarks, and click Open.

The Edit Landmarks page opens in a new browser tab.

  1. From the Select Landmark box, click the Landmark drop-down.

All landmarks within the selected group load within the list. To narrow the list, use the Landmark Group drop-down to filter landmarks by a particular landmark group.

  1. From the list, click the landmark you want to edit. You may type the first letter of the landmark name to jump within the list.
  2. Click Load Selected.

The properties for the selected landmark load, and the landmark location is visible on the map.

To view other landmarks on the map within the same landmark group, select the Show Group check box.

  1. Modify the landmark properties as needed. You can change the landmark shape by using the tools in the map area.
  2. Click Submit Changes.

Edit a Landmark (Mass Update)

The Mass Update page allows you to view and edit the properties of a multiple landmarks at the same time. The Mass Update page also allows you to merge landmarks. Merging landmarks allows you to resolve possible duplicates. Duplicates may occur if you or another portal user mistakenly created more than one landmark for the same location (latitude/longitude).

To edit multiple landmarks:

  1. From the  portal, hover over the Mapping menu, click Edit Landmarks, and click Open.
  2. From the menu bar on the top of the Edit Landmarks page, click Mass Update.

The Mass Update page opens in the same browser tab.

  1. Choose from the following filter options:
    • Landmark Type: Landmark shape (circle or polygon).
    • Search: Search by landmark name. Use * as a wild card before or after a string of characters.
    • Min/Max Radius (ft): Enter a range in feet for the landmark radius (circle landmarks only).
    • Filter by Polygon: Paste the KML from Google Earth to isolate landmarks inside of a particular geographic region.
    • Duplicates: Show only landmarks with duplicate locations.
    • All: Show all landmarks.
    • Filter by Group: Show landmarks that belong to a particular landmark group.
  2. Click Filter.

The vehicle list shows only the vehicles that match your filter criteria.

  1. Choose a mass update action. The following options are available:
    • Delete: Delete checked landmarks. Cannot un-delete.
    • Merge: Merge checked landmarks (in the same duplicate-set) into the selected (radio button) landmark. For each duplicate set, the checked landmark(s) without the radio button selected will be deleted. If a deleted landmark was included in any landmark groups, the kept landmark will be added to those group(s) automatically. In the following example, DispatchCenter E (no space) will be deleted; Dispatch Center E (space) will be kept and will assume any groups to which DispatchCenter E (no space) belonged.
    • Resize: Set, increase, or decrease the radius of checked. Circle landmarks only. Examples: 700, -5%, +20ft, 1.25km
    • Lock: Lock this landmark from editing by other users.
    • Owner: Change the owner of a landmark
    • Altitude: Set the altitude value (Unspecified, Low, Medium, High). This value determines how tall the landmark appears in 3D mapping.
    • Color: Set the color for the selected landmark area.