Nightly Driver Unassignment

Drivers remain assigned to vehicles until they manually log out, are manually unassigned, or are reassigned to another vehicle. If you prefer to have drivers automatically logged out nightly, you can do so by selecting the following in the classic Portal:

  • Unassign Drivers Nightly – At the end of every workday, the driver will be unassigned from their vehicle.

To enable the Unassign Drivers Nightly feature:

  1. Navigate to the Legacy Dashboard
  2. Click the wrench icon () in the top-right for Dashboard Options
    • Check the box labeled Unassign Drivers Nightly
    • Confirm the driver unassignment warning pop-up.
    • Click Apply at the bottom of the window (The portal will refresh).

  3. On the main dashboard menu:
    • Navigate to Account -> Manage Drivers
    • Under Additional Options, click Exempt Drivers from Nightly Unassignment

  4. On the Manage Nightly Exemptions page
    • Selected drivers will not be logged out at the end of each day.
    • Select individual drivers from the table with the checkbox on the right side.
    • Filter by driver group, Clear All, Exempt All usability features available.