WEX Fuel Card Setup

Lookup and copy a VIN

For accuracy, copy and paste the VINs from the GPS Insight Portal into the VIN field in the WEX Fuel Card Portal. A VIN for each fuel card in the WEX Online Portal must match a VIN for a Vehicle in the GPS Insight Portal for the fuel card data integration to work properly.

To copy a VIN from the GPS Insight Portal, go to: Account → Manage Vehicles → Open.

Update Fuel Cards

In the Vehicle List menu, click the Fuel Card checkbox, then click the filter button.

Vehicle List Fuel

  1. Click-and-drag with the mouse to select (highlight) a VIN in the list.
  2. Copy the VIN with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C, or right-click and select Copy.
  3. The copied VIN can now be pasted into the VIN field for a Fuel Card in the WEX Portal.


Add a VIN to a Fuel Card in the WEX Portal

Go to the WEX Fuel Card Portal to log in. Access credentials for this site are provided by WEX.

Select, Account Maintenance → Card → Change.

WEX Online Acct Maintenance

Leave Optional Filters: None and click the Search button.

WEX Online Search

For a Fuel Card in the list, paste the previously copied VIN into the VIN field with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V, or right click and select Paste.

WEX Update Card