Adjusting Run Time Baseline

Devices track their own run time by powering on and off with the vehicles. After installation, the run time of the device will accumulate at the same rate as the run time of the vehicle; however, the start values of each will most likely be different. (The run time for a new device will be 0 hours, whereas the run time for the vehicle is likely more than 0 hours.) Because of this variance, we have two different numbers to consider:

  • Total GPS Device Hours – The run time for the device.
  • Total Engine Hours – The run time for the vehicle as reported by diagnostics OR the run time for the device + an adjustment baseline.

The run time for the device will continue to increment after swaps or transfers. It cannot be reset.

Adjustment Baseline

If you know the run time of the vehicle at the time of device installation, you can calibrate the difference by entering the “Run Time (lifetime)” on the Edit Vehicle Details page in the “Run Time Adjustment” section. After this calibration, everywhere the run time value appears in the portal (i.e., reports, dashlets, etc.), the value will include the adjustment baseline and be labeled “Total Engine Hours” instead of “Total GPS Device Hours.”

Company XYZ installed new tracking devices for their forklift equipment at their dispatch center and needs to reset the device runtime for one of the machines.

To adjust run time baseline

  1. Open the Edit Vehicle Details page for the vehicle you want to modify.

If your unit gets run time from the vehicle’s diagnostics, the Diagnostic Run Time is shown on the first line. If your vehicle does not get run time from diagnostics, the Device Run Time is shown.

  1. Enter the Run Time (lifetime) value in hours.
  2. If a run time adjustment is required to set the Run Time to 0, then 0.0 must be entered in the Run Time (lifetime) field. of the Run Time Adjustment window.

  3. Click Submit Change.

The new run time value is saved and will be used in relevant reports (e.g., Run Time Report).