More Options

Click the More menu item to open the More tab. The following options are available:

  • Alert Disclaimers – Please allow ‘alerts@[provider].com’ on your email filter to ensure you receive alerts. Reply ‘STOP’ to any SMS message to stop receiving any future SMS messages. While Alerts are highly accurate, they are optimized for real-time situations as subscribed. Due to occasional cellular network or processing delays, very occasionally alerts will miss an event and should not be considered a reliable substitute for regularly scheduled reports on the same situation of interest. For this reason, we suggest customers also utilize scheduled reports whenever a potentially missed alert would cause difficulty for any reason.
  • User Profile – Click to reset your password or edit your first name, last name, email address, phone number, address, city, state/zip, country, and timezone. (The timezone applied to a report is the timezone preference set in your user profile).
  • Map Legend – Click to view definitions for icon colors and icon shapes.
  • Transfer Device – Click to transfer a device to a new vehicle. See Editing Vehicle Info.
  • Request Deactivation – Click to request deactivation for one or more devices. See Editing Vehicle Info.
  • Hours of Service – Click to access the Hours of Service Administration portal (applicable only to HOS accounts).
  • Integrations – Click to access the integrations available to you.

The portal is highly configurable to make it work for your preferences. Many of these settings–such as units of measurement, time format, speed thresholds, and default group–apply to other areas of the portal. Adjust these settings once, and they are saved for you each time you log into your account.