Using the Stop Detail and Idle Time Report

This report shows stop detail and idle time. You can filter by vehicle/group, date, minimum idle time, and minimum stop duration. Optionally include overlapping trips, efficiency, and columns for attribute(s).

Report Details

The legend on the report color-codes the stops according to stop duration (0-15 min = green, 15-30 min = yellow, 30 min-8 hrs = red, >8hrs = white). Hover over values in the Trip Duration or Trip Distance columns to see the system’s fastest and shortest estimated times or mileage for that proposed route; click the tool tip to run the Route Efficiency Detail report for that trip, which allows you to compares the vehicle’s actual trip with alternative proposed routes (fastest and shortest).


Click the Export icon next to a line item to download the vehicle’s history in 3D Google maps for a visual comparison. The shortest proposed route appears in red, the fastest proposed route appears in green, and the vehicle’s actual route appears in orange. In this example, the vehicle’s actual route most closely matched the system’s calculated fastest route.


Browser Map

Click the Browser Map button on this report to visualize your fleet’s stops and idle times by displaying color specific circles on a map (red for stopped, blue for idle).


  • Click on a vehicle to limit the map view to only stops/idles for that vehicle. The rows on the right for that vehicle will highlight in yellow.
  • See all stops/idles on the map again by clicking “display all”.
  • Double-click the rows on the right and the map will zoom to that stop and pop up more info. (Clicking on the circles also pops up the same info.)
  • Use the “Time Range” slider to filter out short or long stops.
  • Use the “Scale” slider to adjust the size of the circles on the map. This is helpful if you filter out longer stops and want the circles to be bigger.
  • Sort by stop duration or by vehicle.