Fuel Card Integration

Fuel Card Integration is available with many popular fuel card vendors. Integrating fuel card data directly into the portal gives you more control over your fuel spending and analysis. Fuel card customers can generate reports on all fuel card transactions, which allows you to calculate MPG data, see flagged activity where a specified vehicle was not present for the associated purchase transaction, and identify non-fuel purchases. The following fuel card reports are available:

  • Fuel Transactions – Detailed fuel card purchases to help identify fuel card fraud
  • Fuel Usage – Summarized fuel card usage and MPG
  • Mileage – Vehicle mileage and fuel transactions organized by state

Fuel Card Providers

The following fuel card providers are available for integration with the portal:

  • WEX (Wright Express Fuel Cards)

    WEX has many brands of fuel cards such as Stripes Fleet Cards. Please contact Support to confirm eligibility of integration of other WEX-branded fuel cards.

  • FleetCor*
  • Comdata
  • Voyager

Voyage Fuel Card Integration requires prior approval from executive management

img_56a1bafe35436*FleetCor has many brands of fuel cards: Universal Premium MasterCard, Fuelman Advantage Platinum MasterCard, Universal Advantage Voyager, Fuelman Advantage Local Diesel, Fuelman Commercial Advantage, Fuelman Discount Advantage, Fuelman Diesel Advantage, BP Business Solutions MasterCard, BP Business Solutions, BP Business Solutions Plus, Chevron & Texaco Universal Business MasterCard, Chevron & Texaco Business Card, Chevron & Texaco Diesel Advantage, ARCO Business Solutions, Comdata MasterCard, Comdata Proprietary, Kwik Trip Business Plus MasterCard, Kwik Trip Extended Fleet, Universal Platinum Candada MasterCard, HuskyPro MasterCard, Ultramar MasterCard, Chevron Business Card Canada. Integration is NOT available on the following cards: Pacific Pride-branded cards, Shell Fleet Navigator, CFN-branded cards, FDR.

If you’re interested in using fuel card integration, contact your Account Manager or Support. The setup process varies by fuel card provider.

WEX – Customers of WEX fuel cards only need to forward us the following information:

Contact name
Contact email
WEX Account Number: XXXX-XX-XXXXXX-X

All other fuel providers require that you complete a data release form and submit it back to them:

Fleetcor Release Form

Comdata Release Form

Voyager Release Form

Voyager Data Transmission Questionnaire Form

Voyager Fuel Card Integration requires prior approval from executive management