About Maintenance

The Portal allows you to track vehicle maintenance through scheduled service reminders.

Click the Maintenance menu item to open the Maintenance tab. All of your maintenance reminders and their color-coded statuses are listed on this tab.


When you click on a maintenance reminder from the list, the Maintenance Card appears, which shows you the vehicle, current odometer, current run time, service interval, and next scheduled service (miles, hours, or date). Additional menu items are also available for the reminder.

0032In addition to service reminders, you may also track service history.

In order to manage maintenance items, you must have the Maintenance permission enabled in the User Access List and the Service Reminder item enabled in the Menu Access List (Account Category).

Service Legend

Description Color
More than 20% of service interval remaining
Less than 20% of service interval remaining
Less than 10% of service interval remaining
At recommended service
Overdue more than 10% of service interval