Dashlet Types

Dashlets are available variety of purposes, and almost all dashlets are configurable.

Click Edit (00-0381) to view configuration preferences specific to each dashlet, such as changing the dashlet title and various thresholds. You must save the dashboard to keep dashlet preferences. Not all dashlets may be available to your account.

Alert Dashlets

Icon Dashlet Description Example
01-0012 Alerts Shows Speeding, Out of Range, and/or Idle alerts for a selected vehicle group. Shows alerts that are actively triggered (no time range). 01-0013
01-0014 Diagnostic Alerts Shows diagnostic alerts and DTCs for a selected vehicle group. Click on one of the codes to run the related report to get the DTC description. Diagnostic data is an additional paid feature and varies by vehicle make/model. 01-0017
01-0015 Recent Alerts Shows alerts (up to 100) for a selected vehicle group. Filter by active alerts. Time span choices range from 10 minutes to 5 days. 01-0018
01-0016 Service Reminders Shows service reminders (up to 200) for a selected vehicle group. 01-0019

Dispatch Dashlets

Icon Dashlet Description Example
01-0020 Closest To Shows vehicles that are closest to a vehicle, landmark, address, or lat/lon. Proximity choices range from 500 feet to 500 miles. Filter by vehicle group or attribute (multiple). Includes Garmin dispatch option. The Drop Pin feature () is most often used with this dashlet. Dropping a pin allows you to place a pin on a map and move it as needed by dragging-and-dropping it to any location. You can then quickly dispatch to/from this location\ obtain lat/lon coordinates and physical address, or create a landmark for repeated use. 01-0047
01-0020 Closest To Vehicle Shows vehicles that are closest to a set vehicle. Filter by vehicle group. 01-0048
01-0021 Directions Shows driving directions from a vehicle, landmark, address, or lat/lon to another vehicle, landmark, address, or lat/lon. Turn-by-turn directions open within Google Maps. 01-0049
DVIR Shows recent Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports that have been completed for Hours of Service functionality.
01-0022 Landmark Stops Shows vehicle visits (up to 500) to a landmark. Filter by vehicle and/or landmark group. History choices range from 1 to 3 days. Click the landmark name to view related report. Visits are only counted for landmarks that existed at the time of the visit. Old visits to newly created landmarks will not show retroactively. 01-0050
HOS Availability Shows all vehicles and drivers (if assigned) that are configured for Hours of Service. The Reference ID of the driver's profile must match the driver’s HOS ID. Timezone is used to accurately timestamp alerts received by the driver. The dashlet shows current duty status and driving time left. Sort by Now, Day, or Week. Clicking the location brings up the location on a related map dashlet (if available). Columns are sortable. Warning times are highlighted in yellow. Critical times are highlighted in red. img_582b27bb2f4f2
In-Cab Notifications Shows vehicles that are configured for in-cab notification. You can manually trigger an in-cab notification from this dashlet to invoke the notification inside a particular vehicle (typically done for testing purposes). img_56dde75495bb4
01-0023 Landmarks Shows vehicles (10 to all) that are currently in a landmark. Filter by vehicle and/or landmark group. Optionally, include attribute column. Click a landmark name to see it on a related map dashlet.
01-0024 Last Stops Show the last stops (up to 25) for a selected vehicle. (Click a vehicle from the Vehicle Selector dashlet.) 01-0052
01-0025 Map Shows a 2D map with current locations of a selected vehicle group. Edit options allow you to filter by vehicle status (running, stopped, stopped for a set time period). You can also adjust or hide vehicle/driver labels, add landmarks to the map (up to 500 by default), adjust map height and zoom options, and more. On the map control, toggle between Clusters, Traffic\ Service Reminders, Points of Interest, Map View, Satellite View, or Street View. Click and drag a vehicle icon to an open space on the dashboard to follow a vehicle. 01-0053Learn more about the Map dashlet.
01-0042 Route Shows estimated driving distance, time, and directions for a selected route OR for a list of ad hoc addresses, landmarks, or points. Includes a dispatch option for Garmin or driver email address, which allow drivers to leverage audible turn-by-turn directions (via Garmin device or via mapping apps within a smart device such as iPhone or Android). If no email address is listed for a driver, type an address from the dashlet. Includes options to optimize (re-order according to the most efficient path). Includes a map option via Google Maps. 01-0066Learn more about the Route dashlet.
01-0026 Stop Location Shows locations of stopped vehicles (up to 10 hours). Filter by vehicle group. 01-0054
01-0027 Vehicle Selector Shows status and location for vehicles in your fleet. Filter by vehicle group, vehicle status (running, stopped, stopped for a set time period), attribute, speed, device, label, location, color, or update interval. Add columns for Device Type, Year/Make/Model, Run Time, Location, and Attributes. Use the check boxes to temporarily hide certain vehicles from appearing on related dashlets/graphs, or use the Filter box to temporarily hide all vehicles that match the closest string (wildcard * allowed). Click and drag a vehicle icon to an open space on the dashboard to follow a vehicle.

Graph Dashlets

Icon Dashlet Description Example
01-0028 Comparison Graphs Shows comparisons (horizontal bar chart) against two vehicle groups for Idle Hours, Miles Driven, Speeding, and/or MPG (avg). History choices range from Yesterday to the last 30 days. Show totals or averages per vehicle. 01-0056
01-0029 Group Graphs Shows comparisons (horizontal bar chart) against vehicles in a selected vehicle group (up to 500) for Miles Driven, Idle Hours, Hours of Operation, and/or Speed Violations. History choices range from Yesterday to the last 30 days to a specific date range (entered as YYYYMMDD). Click an item in the graph to launch a related report. For Miles Driven and Speed Violations graphs, you can also click the legend items to launch a related report for the selected range of vehicles. 01-0057
01-0042b Utilization Rollup Available with hierarchy feature (Enterprise accounts). Provides summary information (totals) for nodes in a selected hierarchy. Includes totals for number of vehicles and overlapping trips, metrics, or attributes. Access the Color Editor through this dashlet, which allows you to create and save custom color scales that you can apply to the data. 01-0067
01-0030 Vehicle Graphs Shows graphed data (bar chart) for a selected vehicle for MPG, Miles Driven, and/or Idle Time. Frequency choices range from Daily to Monthly. History choices range from the last 3 to 7 days. 01-0058

Messaging Dashlets

Icon Dashlet Description Example
01-0031 Garmin Send Garmin messages, send Garmin dispatches, and show Garmin message history (up to 30 days) for inbound messages (sent by drivers)\ outbound messages (sent to drivers), and dispatches. Filter by vehicle group and update interval. Hover over icons to view message type (e.g., Outbound Text Message, Inbound Text Message, Dispatch, or Message Queue). 01-0064
01-0032 Garmin Custom Forms Show custom form receipts by type and vehicle group (14 day history). 01-0069
01-0033 SMS/Email Messaging Send SMS messages, send Email, and show SMS/Email Messaging history (up to 30 days, up to 500 messages) for sent and received messages. Filter by update interval, queries, and messages. Optionally display a "new message alert" in your browser as new messages are received.

Messages are grouped by conversation thread. Click a thread to view all messages in the conversation.

Utility Dashlets

Icon Dashlet Description Example
01-0034 Clock Shows the current date and time for the selected timezone. Includes options for daylight savings and 12-hour format. 01-0059
01-0035 News Shows the latest product updates.
01-0045 Legend Shows the values assigned to legend colors and shapes as they appear on reports, maps, and dashlets. Threshold values are configurable in User Preferences. Click Edit Icon Shapes to open the Manage Vehicle Icons tab to adjust icon shapes. 01-0060
01-0044 Quick Links Shows quick links to common functions in the portal. 01-0061
01-0038 Scheduled Reports Shows scheduled reports for your account (for the users you can access). Click on a saved/scheduled report and run it in the browser with a selected date. 01-0068
01-0040 Suggestion Box Allows you to submit a suggestion/comment about the product. 01-0063
01-0041 Whiteboard When you add a whiteboard dashlet to the dashboard, the whiteboard loaded first is called "default whiteboard." You can create or load other whiteboards from the drop-down on the dashlet(s). Public whiteboards can be loaded by any user in the same account. You can also load private whiteboards created by other users in the same account if you specify the name of the board within the prompt. Authorship colors are shown by default. 01-0062

More reference materials:

  • What does it mean if the icons on the top of the tablet are orange or gray? See ELD Driver Reference for more.