Adding a Google Earth Overlay

Google Earth overlays allow you to add your own images on top of the regular, 3D maps.

XYZ Company delivers heating/cooling equipment to residential destinations. Local delivery rates are calculated by predefined zones. The owner wants to interact with his truck’s GPS data in relation to their zoning map.

To create a Google Earth overlay:

  1. Open Google Earth.
  2. Locate the region on the map that roughly corresponds to the custom overaly image.
  3. Click Add > Image Overlay.
  4. From the Google Earth – New Image Overlay window, enter a Name for the overlay.
  5. Click Browse. Locate the location where your overlay image is saved, and double-click it.

The image is added on top of the map. (You may need to move the Google Earth – New Image Overlay window to see the map. Keep the Google Earth – New Image Overlay window open.)

  1. From the map, resize the image as needed to more precisely correspond with the region on the map.

Move the overlay by dragging the cross-hairs (center of the image). Resize the overlay by dragging the corners. Drag the Transparency slider in the New Image Overlay window to adjust how the overlay appears on the map.

  1. When satisfied with the overlaydimensions and coordinates, click OK.

  1. From the Places pane, right-click the new overlay name, and click Save Place As.

  1. In the Save File window, browse to the directory where you want to save the KMZ file, and click Save.

To import a Google Earth overlay into the portal:

  1. From the portal, hover over the Mapping menu, click Manage Overlays, and click Edit Overlays.

The Google Earth Overlays page opens in a new browser tab.

  1. From the Manage KML Overlays grid, click Choose File.
  2. In the Open window, browse to the location where you saved your KMZ file. Select the file, and click Open.
  3. Click Update Now.

A success message appears to indicate the save was successful. Now other portal users on your account can download and use the overlay within Google Earth:

If you have a need to view multiple and/or toggle ESRI overlays (e.g., routes or manholes) within 2D maps in the portal, contact your Account Manager.