ST-1100/ST-1200 and TT-2200 Diagnostic Alerts

The following information is in regard to alerts specific to ST-1100/ST-1200 and TT-2200 devices.

Navigating to ST-1100/ST-1200 and TT-2200 Alerts

  1. From Classic Portal, hover your mouse over Account to expand the drop-down menu and click on Manage Alerts then Open.
  2. Click on the + next to Diagnostic Alert.
  3. The New Diagnostic Alert window appears.

  4. Click on the drop-down menu next to “Diagnostic Type:”.
  5. Options available for the TT-2200 and ST-1100/ST-1200 include the following:

    • Internal Battery Percentage (TT-2200)
    • Low Internal Battery (ST-1100/ST-1200)
    • Internal Battery Critical Alert (ST-1100/ST-1200)

TT-2200 Alert Details

Diagnostic Alert: Internal Battery Percentage

The Internal Battery Percentage alert triggers when the internal battery monitoring of the device detects the presence of Low Battery data. When this alert is sent to selected recipients (via SMS or email), the device will have enough battery life to send approximately 50-100 update events before the battery fully drains requiring a battery replacement.

ST-1100/ST-1220 Alert Details

Diagnostic Alert: Low Internal Battery

The Low Internal Battery alert triggers when the battery registers 6.9V or lower. This alert should be treated as a preliminary warning to attend to the device and ensure it’s in direct view of the sun for recharging.

Diagnostic Alert: Internal Battery Critical

The Internal Battery Critical alert triggers when the battery registers 6.5V or lower. The alert notifies when the device battery status is considered “critical” and needs attention ASAP. If the battery is not attended to then the device battery could die, in which case a battery reset and charge would need to take place.