Customer Sites

Customer sites provides an API functionality that allows you to embed the HTML for a map with specific vehicle groups and/or landmarks on your own web server for visibility outside of the portal. Additionally, a KML flat file is provided via link for external integrations (e.g., ArcGIS). This feature allows your customers to view limited information about your vehicle locations without requiring the viewers to log in.

In order to use Customer Sites, you must have the Customer Sites item enabled in the Menu Access List (Custom category).

Company XYZ wants to post vehicle locations for their delivery vehicles on their public website so their customers can see when a delivery truck is in their zone.

To create and share a customer site:

  1. From the portal, click the More menu, click Customer Sites, and click Open.

The Manager Customer Sites page opens in a new browser tab.

  1. In the Customer Site List grid, click Customer Site next to Create New.
  2. In the New Customer Site window, enter the name of the site, and click Create Site.

The list of vehicles that belong to this customer site appears (no vehicles have yet been added).

  1. From the right pane, CTRL + click to select the vehicle group(s) you want to add, and click Add.
  2. Click Save Changes.

  1. In the Customer Site List grid, click the Share icon next to the site.
  2. In the Shared Link / HTML grid, copy the shared link OR copy and paste the HTML code in the box to your server to embed the map into your website.

To create and share a customer site for external integrations:

  1. Follow steps #1-6 provided under To create and share a customer site.
  2. Click on the link in the box next to KML:.

A flat file containing the KML downloads for you to use in an external integration.