Navistar TSP

The following process is designed for Navistar dealers.

To configure OnCommandConnection:

  1. Log into the Dealer portal.

  1. From the Register Vehicles page, locate the serial number of the device.
  • If you find it on this page, it indicates that the device has already been associated with a VIN and you can continue.

  • If you cannot find the serial number of the device on this page, click the Unregistered link to register it.

  1. Log into the Navistar OnCommandCenter.

If you do not have a dealer account, you must enroll. When your account is created, your information appears under Telematic Account Information:

  1. After logging into the OnCommandCenter, click the Vehicles menu.

Vehicles start appearing within 48 hours after the account has been set up and verified. Column names include: VIN, Chassis, UnitNo, FirstScan, LastScan, Latest Scanner, Year, Model,and Make.

  1. Contact us when this process is complete, and we can enable the data flow on the GPS side.