Updating a Vehicle’s Location

Vehicle statuses update automatically according to the update rate programmed with each device (typically 2-minutes). If you want to request the current location of a vehicle prior to the automatic update, you can manually ping the device.

This is a good option if the location of your car or truck is incorrect, if your car or truck is not showing up on the map, or if you need to see a newly installed device.

To ping a device:

  1. From the map, Search Results tab, or Vehicles tab, click the vehicle you want ping.
  2. On the Vehicle Card (details area), click Update Location (0019).
  3. From the Update Location prompt, click OK.

The request will attempt to contact the vehicle.

  • If the request was successful, the vehicle’s location is updated on the map and on the Vehicle Card.
  • If the request was unsuccessful, the vehicle might not be connected to the cellular network (out of range).