Using Landmark Groups

Landmark groups are used to organize your landmarks based on logical or geographical separations that make sense to your business. Groups allow you to easily filter reports, maps, and dashlets. Groups also determine which users of your portal account can view certain landmarks.

System landmarks are those that are automatically created and cannot be deleted. Each time a portal user creates a landmark, it automatically gets added to a system group called, “Landmarks by [username].”

Company XYZ has several dispatch centers in Arizona and Minnesota. The owner created landmarks for each dispatch center and now wants to report on stop/idle times of vehicles, separated by Arizona and Minnesota dispatch centers. He also wants to toggle on/off landmarks when viewing maps.

Add a Landmark Group

You can create any number of landmark groups. For each group you create, you can assign landmarks and users to that group, which determines which users can see the landmarks in that group. Landmarks and users can belong to more than one landmark group.

You can also create landmark groups from the Map Dashboard.

To create a new landmark group and set landmark membership:

  1. Hover over the Mapping menu, click Landmark Groups, and click Open.

The Landmark Groups page opens in a new browser tab.

  1. At the bottom of the Landmark Groups grid, click Landmark Group next to Create New.

  1. In the New Landmark Group window, enter a name for the group.
  2. Click Create Landmark Group.

A new landmark group is added to the Landmark Groups grid.

  1. From the User List grid, decide which users should have access to this group of landmarks. For each user, set preferences for their ability to Rename, Add/Remove, or Re-Share, and then drag-and-drop a user to the new landmark group. In the Company XYZ example, the owner wants to give his Arizona service manager (Brendan) access to the Arizona landmarks. Brendan can add or remove landmarks to/from the group, but he cannot rename or share the landmark group.

You can also click Edit (pencil icon) next to a user’s name to add/remove the user to/from multiple landmark groups at once.

  1. From the Landmark List grid, drag-and-drop one ore more landmarks to the new landmark group to include it in the group.

You can also click Edit (pencil icon) next to a landmark name to add/remove the it to/from multiple landmark groups at once. You can also add existing landmarks to this new group by editing landmarks using the mass updater. The new landmark group is also available whenever you add a new landmark.

In the Company XYZ example, the owner can now run the Landmark Group report to view idle and stop details per vehicle separated by Arizona and Minnesota landmarks.

Additionally, he can toggle on/off landmarks by group whenever viewing 2D or 3D maps:

To download landmark groups to Google Earth, hover over the Mapping menu, and click 3D Download.

Map settings vary by map. Use the Edit icon on the Map dashlet to set a landmark group. The following example shows all snow vehicles and snow zones: