Running a Report

Running a report allows you to immediately view the report in a new browser tab.

To run a report:

  1. From the menu, click Reports.
  2. Click the report type you want to run.
  3. Adjust the report settings as needed, and click Run Report.

img_56cf1ebd42cb0Choose between T (today), Y (yesterday), >W (week-to-date), 7d (last 7 days), >M (month-to-date), 30 (last 30 days), a custom date selection on the calendar, or click the name of a month. To clear a selection, click the same date selection again, or click the a selected day (one at a time) to clear it from the selection. To quickly clear a large selection of days, click the “T” option to select today’s date, and then click the “T” (or highlighted date) again to de-select it. Once no dates are highlighted, select the beginning and end date of the desired time period to highlight the dates selected and everything in-between.

The selected report opens in a new browser tab. Review the sample Activity Detail report interface for key terminology. Export, email, and sort options vary depending on the report type.


  • 1 – Overview Area:The report overview shows the number of records included in the report and any other parameters used in the search. Additional buttons include (may vary with the report):
    A) Export Data – Click to download a local copy of the report data in .csv format.
    B)Google Earth – Click to export data points to .kml for viewing within Google Earth (3D mapping).
    C) Browser Map – Click to view data points within Google Maps (2D mapping).
    D) Schedule This – Click to schedule this report for automatic delivery via email. You can choose the recipients, vehicles, and delivery frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, custom) for each scheduled report.
    E) Email Report – Click to email the report to one or more recipients. Emailed reports are delivered in the following formats: .csv, .htm, and .kmz (if applicable). Emailed reports come from the address report@GPS
  • Graph Area: If applicable, data is represented in graphical format for aggregate analysis. Not all reports include a graph area.
  • 3 – Detail Area: Shows individual line items (records) for the given parameters. Columns shown in blue are sortable. Hover your mouse over an address or landmark to view a snapshot of the location, or click to view the location on a larger map with options for Traffic, Satellite View, and Street View. You can also create a landmark from a line item or report a bad speed.