How do I report an incorrect speed?

I noticed a rather egregious speeding violation (24 MPH over) in the Posted Speed Report. Before meeting with the driver to discuss, I investigated that particular location on my drive home. I could find no posted speed for that limit in the location in question. How do I correct that on the report?

GPS Insight receives posted speed limit data from third-party vendors. The quality of this information is determined by the municipalities that provide the information to the third-party vendors. Major metropolitan areas have a very high degree of accuracy in regards to posted limits, while rural areas tend to have no posted speed limit data or outdated data. Additional considerations that impact posted speed limit data include:

  • Recent changes in posted speed limits that are not yet reflected in our data
  • Construction zones / temporary speed limits
  • GPS drift on highways that may be reporting the location of the vehicle on a parallel road or service road

What happens if you know that a posted speed is incorrectly listed on a report? GPS Insight encourages our customers to report those instances to our IT team via the Report Bad Speed functionality. One correction submission from you may result in our team adjusting 200+ individual points for the surrounding area.

We receive quarterly updates for posted speed data from our provider. Speed limit data is updated in our system within 2 weeks (10 business days) if a posted speed error is reported to us.

To report an incorrect speed:

  1. Run the Posted Speed Violations report for the vehicle(s) and date(s) in question.
  2. When the report opens, click the posted speed in question.

  1. When the Speed History Graph opens, click Report Bad Speed.

  1. Choose the Error Type (posted speed or vehicle speed), enter User Notes, enter the Road Name, and enter the Correct Limit. When finished, click Report.

The request is sent to the Development Team, who will research to adjust the speed accordingly. The Speed History Graph will indicate that your request was reported:

If you entered an email address, you will receive notification when the speed correction has been processed.