Does my account have password controls?

Are there password controls for my account?

There are several controls and system activities occurring behind the scenes to keep your GPS tracking account secure. However, choosing a good password is one thing you can do to help strengthen your company account’s security. Please review the information below concerning account password controls to learn about login credential capabilities and rules.

Password Setup

New users are sent a welcome email with a password which they are required to change when they log in for the first time. This email can also be re-sent at any time via the Manage Users page in the Portal.

Resetting Passwords

From the login page, any user may enter their username or email address and send themselves a password reset link. They must have access to receive emails at the address configured on their account to reset their password.

Account Administrators with applicable permissions can also require a user to reset the user’s password from the Portal.

Account Locked

If a user attempts to log in and fails five times within a 1-minute period, the user’s account is locked for the next three minutes.

Password Configuration

Password requirements are configurable by your Account Administrator. Preferences can be set to define a minimum password length and whether a combination of alpha and numeric characters must be included in the password. You can also require the inclusion of symbols, numbers, lower-case, and upper-case alpha characters.

Default Password Requirements

  • Minimum characters: 7
  • Upper case letter: 1
  • Lower case letter: 1
  • Digit: 1
  • Special character: 1
  • Maximum characters: 256

The password expiration interval can also be configured. All users on the account are required to change their passwords after this interval.