How do I landmark an entire state?

I want to set up landmarks for Arizona and Colorado. Is there a preset polygon option for this?

As with all landmarks, one option is to manually define your own areas by drawing on the map the borders of the landmark. Instead of outlining your own state-defined landmarks, another option is to import them using this States text file, which contains Keyhole Markup Language.

If you want to open the states landmarks in Google Earth, change the file extension from .txt to .kml.

To import state landmarks:

  1. Download the states text file.
  2. Open the file and copy the contents of the file to your clipboard (CTRL + C).
  3. Toggle to the portal. Hover over the Mapping menu, and click KML Import.
  4. In the Quick KML Uploader box, paste the contents of your clipboard (CTRL + V).
  5. Click Import Now.

The Import KML Polygons page appears.

  1. From the Step 1: Import KML grid, specify your preference for handling duplicate landmark names.

If a landmark name from the XML matches the name of an existing landmark in your account, you have two options: Skip (do not import the duplicate) or Alter (automatically add an ordered numeral to the duplicate). The default is “Alter.”

  1. From the Step 2: Define Landmarks grid, set your preferences for the following:
    • Existing Group: Add the imported landmarks to an existing group (select check box).
    • New Group: Add the imported landmarks to a new group (specify name and select check box).
    • Landmark: Select the check box(es) of the landmark(s) that you want to import.
  2. Click Import checked items.

A success message indicates what landmarks were created and what landmark groups (if any).