Can I Assign Attributes to Trips?

My company provides transportation services. How can the Dispatcher publish status updates of each trip so that the fleet manager, schedulers, and other portal administrators can easily see them?

Although trip-based attributes aren’t yet supported (e.g., associate time spent with trips and/or jobs), you *can* implement an alternative solution.

For example, let’s assume you create an attribute for “Route Status.” Maybe you even include additional attributes, such as number of passengers (“Onboard”):

All other team members can add those attributes to their personal dashboards using the Vehicle Selector dashlet:

The Dispatcher can effectively use the Attribute Manager interface as a dynamic form that he or she can update on-the-fly as statuses are received:

Any updates the Dispatcher makes using the Attribute Manager interface will be immediately available for everyone else to see on their dashboards:

This particular use case was brought to our attention by one of our customers, who never stops thinking of creative solutions to help their business run more effectively. Let us know if you have ideas to share, too!