What timezone is used on reports?

When I run an Activity Detail report for a vehicle located in the Eastern timezone, does the report show me Eastern time or Arizona time (my timezone)?

Reports show the timezone associated with user who runs the report. For example, the timezone in Tom Jones’ user profile is set to US/Arizona:

By default, any report Tom runs will show US/Arizona timezones–even if the vehicle(s) in the report are driven in locations that abide by Eastern time. In the following example, this vehicle was running in North Carolina at 12:51:01 PM Arizona (Mountain) time, which Tom would need to mentally convert to 2:51:01 PM local (Eastern) time.

The report timezone is always indicated in the report header:

If Tom wants to run the report to show a different timezone–like for his Eastern vehicle example–he can adjust his timezone option in his user profile.

Trip summarization data is always based on the timezone of the master user on the account.