How can I configure a custom tone for an alert?

I want to send a notification to a drivers’ phones whenever they invoke a dangerous speeding violation, but I’m worried that the alert will tempt drivers to look at their phones while driving–especially while traveling at a high speed. Can I designate a custom sound for a speeding alert?

Yes…and no. Most smart phones do allow you to associate a unique SMS tone with a contact; however, you wouldn’t be able to designate custom tones per alert type because all alerts come from the same number (477-477). In other words, if you associated an audio clip that said, “Slow down!” to 477-477, that audio clip would also play for any non-speeding related violation, such as idling.

Limitations aside, it’s a GREAT idea to encourage drivers to associate a custom tone to this number. When drivers hear that tone, they can easily and immediately distinguish it from messages sent from other sources–especially in instances where drivers cannot safely look at their phone screens. You may even want to copy the steps below and include them in your driver policy. (The steps are designed for all phone types.)

To associate a custom tone to 477-477:

  1. Open your Contacts list.
  2. Tap to add a new contact with the following settings:
    • First Name: GPS Alert
    • Number: 474-477
    • Text Tone: Pick a custom tone.
  3. Save the new contact.

The next time a message from 477-477 is received, the custom tone will start.