Using Vehicle Icons

When viewing a vehicle’s location on a map, the default icon appears as a pin with a circle: . Instead of using a circle, you can assign different shapes to different vehicles to get an immediate visual indicator for the vehicle type.

Company XYZ uses trucks to transport large heating/cooling equipment and uses vans for conducting on-site repairs. When viewing maps, XYZ’s owner wants to identify delivery trucks with a special icon so that they are easily distinguished from the vans.

To define and apply a vehicle icon

  1. From the portal, hover over the Account menu, click Manage Vehicles, and click Manage different icons for vehicle mapping.

The Manage Vehicle Icons page opens in a new browser tab.

  1. From the Icon Set List grid, locate the icon that you want to define.

Hover over a vehicle icon in the list to see a larger image.

  1. Click the label next to the icon you want to define. (If no designation exists for an icon, the default label is “not set.”) Enter a label for the new icon, and click OK.

  1. From the Vehicle List grid, locate the vehicle(s) to which you want to apply the icon, and then click the vehicle’s current icon to select the row. CTRL+click or SHIFT+click vehicle icon to select more than one vehicle.

In the Company XYZ example, we filtered the vehicle list by vehicle group “Delivery” to see only our delivery trucks at once, and then we selected all rows.

  1. From the Icon Set List grid, drag-and-drop the new icon to the selection in the Vehicle List grid.

Now whenever the selected vehicles appear on a map, the new icon you designated will be used to represent the vehicle’s location. In the example below, the delivery truck is represented by the truck icon, whereas the van uses the default icon.