Running a Report

Running a report allows you to immediately view the report in a new browser tab.

To run a report:

  1. From the menu, click Reports.
  2. Click the report type you want to run.
  3. On the Report Card, click Run.
  4. Adjust the report settings as needed, and click Run Report.

The selected report opens in a new browser tab. Review the sample Activity Detail report interface for key terminology. Export, email, and sort options vary depending on the report you run.


  • 1 – Overview Area:The report overview shows the number of records included in the report and any other parameters used in the search. If you choose to email this report, it will be delivered in the following formats: .CSV and .HTM. Emailed reports come from the address report@[provider].com.
  • Graph Area: If applicable, data is represented in graphical format for aggregate analysis. Not all reports include a graph area.
  • 3 – Detail Area: Shows individual line items (records) for the given parameters. Columns shown in blue are sortable. Hover your mouse over an address or landmark to view a snapshot of the location, or click to view the location on a larger map with options for Traffic, Satellite View, and Street View. You can also create a new landmark from one of the line items.