Using Landmark Groups

Landmark groups are used to organize your landmarks based on logical or geographical separations that make sense to your business. You can apply landmark groups to relevant reports and alerts (e.g., idling within certain Dispatch Centers, etc.).

System landmarks are those that are automatically created and cannot be deleted. Each time a portal user creates a landmark, it automatically gets added to a system group called, “Landmarks by [username].”

Company XYZ wants to encourage drivers to turn off their engines while inside dispatch centers. The owner created landmarks for each dispatch center and now wants to set up an alert whenever vehicles are inside one of those locations.

Add a Landmark Group

You can create any number of landmark groups. For each group you create, you can assign landmarks and users to that group. Landmarks and users can belong to more than one landmark group.

To create a new landmark group and set landmark membership:

  1. From the menu, click Landmarks.
  2. Click the Groups tab.
  3. Click Create Group.

  1. Enter a group name, and click OK.

  1. In the Group Editor, select the landmark(s) that you want to add to the group, and click Save.

The landmark group appears in the Landmark drop-down when configuring relevant reports and/or alerts.