Updating ELD Mapping

The MDT Mapping update includes important updates for mapping, and improved functionality for integration between Magellan and the ELD Messaging/eFleetSuite apps.

You will need a MicroSD card with at least 3GB of free space to update MDT mapping.

Updating Maps

Map updates are performed over the air (Wi-Fi) and requires the use of a MicroSD card with at least 3GB of free space.

To Update Maps:

  1. Remove the tablet from the dock.
  2. From the Home screen of the tablet, tap on Settings () to access your tablet settings.

  3. Enter the settings password, and tap OK. If you do not know the settings password, please contact your GPS Administrator or HOS Technical Support for further assistance.

  4. Enable Wi-Fi and connect the device(s) to an available Wi-Fi network. If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to the “Enabling Wi-Fi Connectivity” section in the Using the GPS Insight Updater App article.
  5. Once connected, use the Updater App () to update to the latest version of the Magellan software, as well as ensuring the Magellan OTA Support file is downloaded/updated in the Files section of Updater App. If you are unsure how to update apps on your tablet, please refer to the “Updating HOS Apps” section in the Using the GPS Insight Updater App article.
  6. After you have processed those updates, insert an SD card with at least 3GB of free space into the tablet.
  7. From the tablet Home screen, tap on the Magellan App (), and agree to the Terms of Service (if prompted).
  8. Tap Settings () in the lower-right corner of the app screen, then tap Information.
  9. From the Information screen, tap 1 New Update next to Check for Updates.
  10. Tap Update next to Map Update, tap Continue on the Update Information window, then agree to the Terms of Service.
  11. The update initializes and begins to process. Depending on your internet speed, this may take a while (as the new map files are 2GB+ in size).

  12. Once the update is complete, restart the tablet by pressing and holding on the tablet’s Power button.
  13. After the tablet reboots, be sure to go back into the Settings app to disable Wi-Fi. Instructions for this process are provided under the “Disabling Wi-Fi Connectivity” section of the Using the GPS Insight Updater App article.
  14. (Optional) If you would like to use the same microSD card for updating subsequent tablets, remove the microSD card from the tablet.

    Using the same microSD card from the initial tablet will remove the need for Magellan to redownload the update, reducing the time spent on Step #10 significantly.

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