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Geotab Driver ID Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What is Geotab Driver ID? The Geotab GO9 device has an expansion port for peripheral devices. The IOX-NFCREADERA is a Near Field Communication reader that allows a driver to simply tap a key fob to sign into their vehicle.
Can a driver swipe their fob prior to starting the vehicle? Yes, by default the GO9 device will store the key fob ID for 5 minutes. If the vehicle is not started within that 5 minute window then the driver will need to fob in again.
Can the sign-in be enforced through device audio feedback? By default, audio feedback is disabled; however, users can contact the Support team to request the NFC driver reminder be enabled. When enabled, audio feedback will be provided when the vehicle is started without a valid driver registration.
How does the Driver ID reminder work? By default, if audio feedback is enabled, the GO9 device will beep immediately if ignition is turned ON without the driver having swiped their fob or if the window for needing to swipe the fob has passed and will continue to beep for a duration of 30 seconds.
What fob options does the GO9 device support? Users can purchase physical fobs and/or sticker fobs as options for their Driver ID deployment. Optionally, organizations can provide RFID tags for GPS Insight to integrate into the solution and ultimately, they can use existing RFID as a means to sign into the vehicle.
Can Driver ID and Inputs exist on the same GO9 device? Yes, by daisy-chaining the necessary cables, the GO9 device can support both as needed.
How do I install Geotab Driver ID with my GO9 device? Please see installation instructions here.
How do I add Geotab Driver ID to my solution? Please contact your Account Manager for details and instructions.
What RFID cards are compatible with the GO9 Driver ID functionality? RFID cards need to communicate along the HF frequency (13.56MHz) and must comply with the ISO-14443 Type-A specification.
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