Accessory: GPSI-5000 Starter Disable

The installation kit contains one relay, one starter disable relay harness, two blue heat shrink butt connectors, one red heat shrink button connector, and four 8” cable ties.

Additional tools needed to complete installation are a wire cutter, wire stripper, wire crimper, multimeter, and heat gun.

Customers are responsible for coordinating the installation of this accessory. Please see Starter Disable Installation Considerations for additional information.

Installation Steps.

The following steps provide an overview of the installation process:

  1. Install Preparation
    – Stop and Test –
  2. Relay Connections
  3. Install Verification

  1. 1. Install preparation.

    1. Strip 1/2in. (1.25cm) of insulation from the GPS device’s 24-Pin Harness, Pin 13 / Green Output Wire and twist the wire strands.
    2. Remove 1/2in (1.25cm) of insulation from all three starter disable relay harness wires and twist the wire strands of each.
    3. At the vehicle ignition, test to find the starter circuit which sends a momentary 12-14 VDC (+) from the ignition to the starter. Cut the wire and strip off 1/2in (1.25cm) of installation from both ends and twist the wire strands of each.
    4. Upon testing, if starter has a negative polarity starter wire that rests at 12v until the starter cranks, and then momentarily switches to ground, please execute the following:
      1. Cut the white wire for the relay coil and tape off the end going to the blue wire on the relay socket.
      2. Wire the white wire from the relay coil to a true 12v ignition wire.
      3. Test functionality prior to reinstalling dash.

    Stop and Test: Try to start the vehicle. Everything in the vehicle should power up, but the engine should not start.

  2. 2. Relay Connections.

    1. Using the Red butt connector, crimp the GPS device’s Green wire, Pin 19, to the relay harness Green wire. (86)
    2. Using a Blue butt connector, crimp the relay harness Red wire (87a) to the wire leading to the Starter.
    3. Using a Blue butt connector, crimp the relay harness Blue wire (30) to the wire leading to the Ignition Cylinder.
    4. Apply heat to all butt connectors ensuring the adhesive is released making a weathertight seal.
    5. The wires shown in the image above are cut short to show all connections.

  3. 3. Install Verification.

    1. Locate the ten-digit GPS device serial number.
    2. Call GPS Insight Technical Support at 480-508-7478 to complete the starter disable testing.
    3. Secure wires and relay using provided cable ties.

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