Before You Begin

The installation kit contains the GO9™ device, diagnostic bypass cable, and one serialized cable tie.

Additional tools that you may need include an ink pen, dash panel removers, socket/screwdriver set, flush cutters, and tamper seal.

Installation Overview

The following steps provide an overview of the installation process:

  1. Install Preparation.
  2. Device Connections.
  3. Device Mounting.
  4. Verification and Registration.

Installation Steps

  1. 1. Installation Preparation.

    1. Record the 12-digit serial number (ESN) on your registration card.
    2. Remove the dashboard panels for harness installation and device mounting.

  2. 2. Device Connections.

    With the vehicle Ignition Off and keys removed, complete the following steps:

    1. Free up the existing OBD-II port from its current location.
    2. Connect the Bypass Cable to the vehicle diagnostic port and cable tie.
    3. Mount Bypass Cable replacement port.
    4. Connect Device to Bypass Cable and cable tie both connection points.

    Alternate Cabling Connection

    If you do not wish to plug directly into the port and you have one of the vehicle models listed below, please follow the applicable cabling installation directions using the links provided below.

  3. 3. Device Mounting.

    1. Without any metal covering the device, cable tie the device as high within the dash as possible and ensure the serialized cable tie wraps around the device and the cable.

  4. 3. Verification and Registration.

    1. To activate and register your device, with your vehicle card in hand, call 480-508-7478 or use the GPS Insight Verification App via smart phone (iOS | Android).
    2. Upon completion, reassemble the vehicle’s dashboard, and give the registration card to your GPS administrator.

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