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Questions about our ELD options? Check out the below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What is ELD? Electronic Logging Device. A federal mandate for drivers to log their hours with a compliant device.
What is HOS? Hours of Service. ELD tracks HOS for compliance.
What is DVIR? Driver Vehicle Inspection Report. The driver is required to check the vehicle for defects. This can be required by the fleet even if federally exempt.
What are the main differences between the solutions? ELD Focus is a hardwired, connected solution where you would purchase your own ELD-related hardware directly from us.

ELD Complete is also a hardwired, connected solution where you would purchase your own ELD-related hardware directly from us. As a complete product, this solution includes add-on features such as DVIR Only and DOT Employee Compliance.
What hardware supports the ELD Complete solution? The GPSI-5000 and the ELD-2000D are devices that currently support ELD Complete, connecting and communicating with the tablet via a tethered cable.
Do we offer the same HOS software for each ELD solution? No, currently each option offers a unique ELD solution:

– ELD Focus (ISE eFleetsuite)

– ELD Complete (ATS Total ELD)
What differences are there in supporting the different solutions? Supporting Complete is different than Focus in that ELD Complete's vendor teams (ATS Total ELD, respectively) will manage all support calls and all customer on-boarding/training.
Is BYOD supported? Yes, the ELD Complete solution supports BYOD.
Should I be concerned about Bluetooth functionality? The telematics hardware we provide today has proven to be quite reliable in terms of supporting Bluetooth connectivity. That said, generally any non-physical connection is less reliable than hardwired. If you are concerned then ELD Focus would be the best solution for you.
What is best practice for identifying asset IDs when utilizing BYOD/BLE connectivity? It is recommended that fleets keep a sticker, or some other easy to access/read document, in the vehicle identifying the serial number of the GPS device installed, as that will be the identifier for the driver when signing into the application and assigning themselves to the necessary vehicle.
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