Bluetooth BLE Keyfob FAQ

The BLE Keyfob allows drivers to assign themselves to vehicles, communicate messages, and trigger emergency messages at the click of a button!

Using the Bluetooth (BLE) Keyfob

Prior to using a keyfob, it’s recommended that users register their fobs to their respective drivers. For steps on how to register, see: Driver Assignment via Keyfob.

The BLE fob comes with three pre-defined buttons:

Driver Assignment

  • The Driver Assignment button will trigger a message through its connection to the GPS device (PNP or GPSI-5000), which tells the system that the driver registered to the fob is now assigned to the vehicle.
  • This assignment will persist until the driver assigns themselves to another vehicle or another driver assigns themselves to the same vehicle.

Driver Communication (Coming Soon!)

  • Driver Communication messages are custom messages that can be assigned to individual drivers when registering the fob to a driver (function coming soon).
  • By pressing this button, the driver can quickly communicate to the system the message assigned to them.
  • Example messages include “Job Not Available” or “Passengers Picked Up.”

Remote Panic

  • Remote Panic messages allow drivers to quickly trigger emergency messages to key contacts within their organization when an incident or emergency happens.
  • Generally these messages are reserved for emergency situations, but an organization can assign any level of priority. This allows their drivers to feel safe within a press of a button, notifying others when help is needed.
  • For more information on driver safety, see Protecting Drivers Remotely.

BLE Keyfob Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the BLE Keyfob? Check out the below.

Question Answer
Is the BLE Keyfob compatible with my existing devices? Coordinate with your Account Rep or our Support Team to determine if your devices are compatible.
Can failure to login accommodate a buzzer or light in the vehicle? Yes, if a driver begins to drive the vehicle but fails to press the Driver Assignment button, then an internal buzzer within the device will sound.

External buzzer and/or light functionality is an option for GPSI-5000 devices only.
Can failure to login trigger the Driver Login Alert? Yes, if a driver fails to assign themselves then a Driver Login Alert should trigger if active.
What happens if the battery dies? Can it be replaced? If so, what are the steps to replace the battery? Yes, the battery can be replaced by prying open (with a small screwdriver or something similar) the fob at the bottom, in the same place where the activate tab was, and the back cover should pop off.
What happens if two drivers with fobs enter the same vehicle? The driver who presses their Driver Assignment button will be assigned to the vehicle.
What happens if I’m a driver and I approach multiple vehicles scripted for Bluetooth? The keyfob will pair with all vehicles in range, however, the driver will only become assigned to a vehicle once ignition occurs and the Driver Assignment button has been pressed.

If the driver presses any other button (Driver Communication or Remote Panic) then any paired vehicle/device can send the message.
What is the distance supported? The BLE keyfob should function up to 30ft from its paired device.
How is the keyfob activated? The keyfob is shipped with a battery slip inserted into the side of the fob.

Removing the slip from its inserted position effectively activates the fob by enabling the battery connections to make contact.

The keyfob still requires registration and driver assignment to be fully functional for the user.
How does the warranty work for keyfobs? BLE keyfobs have a lifetime warranty. If a fob breaks or stops working, submit a request to our Support Team to receive a replacement.

Physical damage or loss is not covered.
Is there a specific Ref ID/Identifier that differentiates BLE fobs from classic fobs? Yes, all new BLE fobs will have the leading characters "BT" as their Ref ID. (ex. BTA0001, BTA0002, etc.)
Is there any notification that the device acknowledges the button press? Yes, the device will beep whenever a button is pressed.
What is the expected range for the Remote Panic button? Bluetooth connectivity range is approximately 30 meters.
What is the expected range for the Remote Panic button? Bluetooth connectivity range is approximately 30 meters.
How long must a button be pressed to trigger an event? What if a button is pressed accidentally? A button needs to be pressed for 200ms for an event to trigger. Testing has shown that accidental button presses are highly unlikely and not something a user should be concerned about.

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