Updating Magellan Mapping

The Magellan Mapping update includes important updates for mapping and improved functionality for Android MDT or Connect Tablet.

Renew/Extend Mapping License

Every purchase of the Magellan Mapping license includes 3 years of free map updates. Users wanting to extend their license past 3 years, or renew their license, they can do so by following the details below.

  1. When ready to renew or extend a mapping license, it’s recommended you have the Magellan serial number from the tablets being updated, ready to share with our team. The Magellan serial number can be found in the Magellan Mapping app in the settings menu:
    • Settings Gear > Information > Product Information > Serial Number
  2. Once you find the serial number, contact your Account Manager to process a new order for the new/extended license.
  3. Once the order is complete, the next time Magellan starts it will receive the updated license and be ready to update.

Reload License Without Renewal

If the Magellan SmartFleet app cannot download the map database due to the 3-year over-the-air update license expiring, and the user does not want to renew their map update license, an SD card can be provided with the current map database as of the date when their over-the-air update license expired.

The version history below will be used to determine which map database is sent:

  • v81 – March 2021 to Current
    – Map filenames pending
  • v76 – First version up to February 2021
    – MagellanFleet-GPSInsight-MapV76-production-0410-resources.zip
    – MagellanFleet-GPSInsight-MapV76-production-0410-resources.zip.part1
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