Vehicle Card – Vehicle Maintenance

The Portal allows you to track vehicle maintenance through scheduled maintenance reminders and service logs. You can monitor and manage vehicle maintenance using Maintenance Reminders and Service Logs directly from the Vehicle Card on the Map.

In order to manage maintenance items, you must have the Maintenance permission enabled in the User Access List and the Service Reminder item enabled in the Menu Access List (Account Category).

Maintenance Reminders

Using the Maintenance tab of the Vehicle Card, you can create an unlimited number of maintenance reminders and/or view, edit or delete existing maintenance reminders.

Approaching and overdue maintenance reminders are available to view in the Service Reminders report.

Service Legend

Maintenance reminders are color-coded to indicate the service interval time remaining. Please refer to the table below for the color-coding legend.

Service Logs

Each time a vehicle receives service, you can create a new log entry to record the event.

A history of logged services can be viewed in the Service History report.

Using the Search Field

Use the search field to easily search through your maintenance reminders and service logs. To use the search field, simply start typing in the service that you would like to view and the maintenance list filters to match your entered search.