Using Precision Updates

When you need a ride, companies like Uber can tell you where their driver is with a convenient aerial view.

If you need that level of accuracy to monitor your fleet, our Precision Updates Package is up to the task. Its higher-fidelity data allows more frequent updates on current vehicle locations, increased trip history accuracy, and offers a live-follow mode.

Precision Updates is an accessory feature available at an additional cost. If you are interested in adding this feature to your account, please contact your Account Manager.

Frequent Updates

Vehicle locations are updated more frequently on the map, every 200 yards or 45-degree heading change (or 30 seconds),​ to provide you with the most accurate information at any given moment.

Here are just some ways frequent updates can help:

  • Dispatch the closest vehicle to a customer or location
  • Provide an accurate ETA
  • Verify a driver’s location

Timer Feature

A timer on the map (top-right of the map) allows you to see when your map is set to be updated with vehicle locations next.

You can manually refresh the map with vehicle locations if vehicles have moved 200 yards or a 45-degree heading change has occurred by clicking on the timer. It will reset the timer to 30 seconds.

Trip History Accuracy

With higher fidelity data comes improved visibility into trip history, including input use for those vehicles with inputs enabled.

This allows you to:

  • Recreate incidents to exonerate employees and refute false claims
  • Analyze safety violations to better coach your employees to improve
  • Review routes to ensure efficiency
  • Confirm service through input history data
  • Verify vehicle location at a specified date and time
  • Compare data for lawsuits, insurance, taxes, and general management

Live-Follow Mode

The Live-Follow feature shows you exactly where your vehicle is on the map and keeps the map centered over the vehicle as it travels, just like checking the progress of an Uber driver. By selecting and following a vehicle, you’ll get a bird’s eye view that stays with the vehicle so you can relay information to your customers or other employees.

Activating Live-Follow Mode

There are two ways to active live-follow mode. You can use the Follow Vehicle icon on the Map or toggle on Follow from the vehicle card.

Using the Follow Vehicle Icon:

  1. On the Map, click on the vehicle you would like to follow from the Vehicle List or the vehicle’s location on the map.
  2. Click the Follow Vehicle icon () on the Map.
  3. The Follow Vehicle icon turns blue and a message indicating which vehicle is being followed appears towards the top of the Map.

    To stop live-following the vehicle, click the Follow Vehicle icon again to de-select. The icon is no longer blue.

Using the Toggle Option from the Vehicle Card:

  1. On the Map, click on the vehicle you would like to follow from the Vehicle List or the vehicle’s location on the map.
  2. The Vehicle Card appears on the right side of the screen.

  3. From the Vehicle Card, click on the ellipses icon ().
  4. A drop-down menu appears.

  5. Click the toggle on button next to “Follow.”
  6. The map begins following the vehicle in 3-5 seconds and remains centered on the map while Live-Follow Mode is active. You can move around the map while live-follow is active and if you’d like to re-center the map over the vehicle you are following simply click Re-center.

To stop live-following a vehicle, use steps 1-2 above and click on the toggle button to deactivate this feature.