About the Reports Page

You can create, schedule, and manage reports from the reports page. You can also view report details on the My Scheduled Reports page to see what reports were run, their last and next run date, and if they are currently active.

Report Types

There are 40+ available reports that are separated by category and type. Please view the following list of report types and corresponding descriptions in the table below.

Reports applicable only to Enterprise customers have been indicated below accordingly.

Activity Reports

Report Type Description
Activity Detail Shows all reported vehicle locations.
Begin/End of Day View first start and last stop for any or all vehicles.
Drive Time Summary View your entire fleet's driving statistics.
First Movement Detail (GO9 device only) Individual violations of first movement.
First Movement Summary (GO9 device only) Summary violations of first movement.
Fleet Hierarchy Rollup (Enterprise only) Report with utilization details by hierarchy.
Fleet Utilization (Enterprise only) Report with fleet utilization details.
Idle Time Detail Report on individual idle stops.
Idle Time Summary View idle information for multiple vehicles in your fleet.
Odd Hours View driving-time violations.

Diagnostic Reports

Driver and Hierarchy features are available to Enterprise customers only. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like additional information.

Report Type Description
Diagnostic A full set of diagnostic values (not DTC) reported by your vehicles.
Driving Violations View graphical roll up and details of driving violations by time, vehicles, drivers, groups and hierarchy.
Driving Violations Detail View driving violation time and type for vehicles, vehicle groups, and drivers.
Driving Violations Summary View graphical roll-up of driving violations and break down of violations by vehicle.
DTC Alerts Alerts reported by the engine via Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
Fuel Usage Detail Gallons consumed, MPG and GPH.
Fuel Usage Summary Gallons consumed by month.
Performance View overall performance of your vehicles.
Run time View odometer and run time totals with optional reminders.
Seat Belt Usage Summary (GO9 devices only) View the history of seat belt usage for vehicles, drivers, and groups.
Service History A history of logged service for your fleet.
Service Reminders Pending service reminders for your fleet.
Switch Alerts Report on switch-based alerts.

Driver Reports

Driver feature is available to Enterprise customers only. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like additional information.

Report Type Description
Driver Rest Break (Enterprise only) List of rest breaks drivers have taken.
Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) (Enterprise only) Shows driver-vehicle inspection details.
Time to Complete DVIR (Enterprise only) Shows driver vehicle inspection durations.

Landmark Reports

Report Type Description
Landmark Begin/End of Day (Enterprise only) Printable report with landmark begin/end of day. Start/End Landmarks are required.
Landmark Group Report on stop/idle time spent in a landmark group.
Landmark History Report on time in Landmarks.
Landmark Log (Enterprise only) Report on landmark visits in order.
Late Start Report on vehicles that have not left, or returned to, a landmark by a certain time.
Unmarked Stops Stops outside of known landmarks

Speeding Reports

Report Type Description
Acceleration Detail (Enterprise only) Fast acceleration and harsh-braking. Supported devices only.
Acceleration Summary (Enterprise only) Compare vehicles' acceleration and deceleration rates over time. Supported devices only.
Posted Speed Violations Violations of local posted speed.
Speed Summary Compare vehicles' speeding trends over time. Based on posted speed limits.
Speeding in Landmarks View speeding violations within landmark boundaries.
Speeding Violation View speeding violations of preset thresholds.

Stop Detail Reports

Report Type Description
Route Efficiency Detail (Enterprise only) Visually show where drivers are wasting time and/or driving too far.
Route Efficiency Summary (Enterprise only) Summarize and rank drivers' efficiency
State Mileage View vehicle mileage by state.
Stop Detail (with notes) (Enterprise only) Printable report on stop details with SMS driver notes.
Stop Detail and Idle Time Report detailing stop and idle events.
Trip Detail Printable report showing trips, stops, and idles

Custom Reports

Report Type Description
Alert History History of all alerts.
Fuel Card Transactions (Enterprise only) Fuel card transaction details.
Fuel Card Usage (Enterprise only) Summary of fuel card usage.
Truck Activity (Enterprise only) Printable Truck Activity Log for Drivers.
Vehicle Recall List of recall data for vehicles in your fleet.