Configuring Device Thresholds

Configurable devices use recommended (default) thresholds that alert drivers for the following behaviors:

  • Rapid acceleration (.33650g)
  • Harsh braking (.36709g)
  • Hard right and left turning events (.35690g)
  • Idling (300 seconds / 5 minutes)
  • Speeding (76 mph)

The default device thresholds are set at the time of shipment/installation. If you would like to set new defaults for your organization, users with Vehicle Admin permissions can set them using the Device Threshold Configuration page (available only if your account has configurable devices). You can apply your preferred defaults to multiple applicable devices, or you can set custom configuration settings individually.

Because these are device-level hardware settings, changing device configuration requires the device to restart; therefore, adjust these settings infrequently and during off hours as much as possible.

Accessing the Device Threshold Configuration Page

This page allows you to set, change, or view device configurations for one or more vehicles, create new configurations for your account, or select an existing configuration threshold to edit or delete.

To access the Device Threshold Configuration Page:

  1. From the Map Page, select the vehicle you would like to configure.
  2. The Vehicle Card appears.

  3. Click the ellipsis icon ().
  4. In the drop-down, click Configure Device.
  5. The Device Threshold Configuration page appears.

    The Configurations on the right may not show what thresholds your devices were or are currently programmed with.

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Configurations

To create a new configuration:

  1. From the Configurations area, click New+.

  2. The Create a new PNP Configuration window appears.

    Thresholds displayed in the window automatically are the minimum values that can be entered.

    1. Enter a name for the new configuration and the preferred threshold values.

    Idling values are limited to 30-second increments.

    1. Click the Save button.

    The new configuration is displayed in the Configurations area.

    To Edit a Device Threshold Configuration:

    1. From the Configurations area, use the drop-down window to select the device threshold you would like to edit.
    2. Click the Edit button.

    The selected configuration detail window appears.

    1. Enter one or more new preferred thresholds.
    2. Click the Save button.

    The new threshold values are displayed in the Configurations area.

    To Delete a Device Threshold Configuration:

    1. From the Configurations area, use the drop-down window to select the device threshold you would like to delete.
    2. Click the Delete button.

    The Delete Configuration prompt appears.

    1. Click the Delete Configuration button.

    The configuration is removed from your list of device configurations.

    Assigning, Changing, and Viewing Configurations on Vehicles

    To Assign/Change a Configuration to a Vehicle:

    1. Locate the vehicle in the Configurable Devices area in the list or using the Search bar.
    2. Click the Assign a Configuration icon ().

    The Assign Configuration window appears.

    You can select a preset configuration with the Select a Configuration button or create a one-time configuration to send to this device with the Custom Configuration button.

    1. If selecting a configuration to assign, use the drop-down window to select the preferred configuration. If creating a one-time configuration to send, enter the preferred threshold values.
    2. Click the Save button.

    The device updates with the newly assigned configuration as of vehicle ignition on.

    To Assign/Change a Configuration to Multiple Vehicles

    1. From the Configurable Devices area, click the Configure Multiple Devices checkbox ().
    2. Use the drop-down window to select a configuration to assign to multiple vehicles.
    3. Check the boxes for individual vehicles or click the Check All button () to automatically check the box for all vehicles.
    4. Click the Save Assignments button.

    To View Configurations on a Device:

    1. Click the Download Settings from Device icon ().

    The download contains the current device threshold settings.

    1. Click on the Device Configuration next to the vehicle’s serial number.

    The vehicle row expands displaying the assigned configuration threshold and the current device threshold settings downloaded from the device.

    Buzzer Feature

    Some devices include an optional buzzer feature, PNP-3000VB and GPSI-3900 with vPOD for diagnostics.

    The buzzer feature on the PNP device is disabled at the time of shipment/installation. To enable this feature, contact your Account Manager. The GPSI-3900 (with vPOD for diagnostics) buzzer feature is not built in; however, it can be included as an accessory. This feature must be requested during installation if desired.

    The Driving Violations Summary provides an overview of in-cab alert notifications when a vehicle/vehicle group violates acceptable thresholds for the selected vehicle/vehicle group and the Driving Violations Detail contains the time the alert occurred, cause of the alert, and more.

    To view these reports, please use the instructions here: Running Reports.