Questions about EV Data? Check out the below.

EV Data Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
What do I need to get EV data for my vehicle? Electric Vehicle data is available using the Go9 tracking device and our EV Fleet account plan.
Where can I find EV data? When selecting an EV (with supporting hardware and account plan) on the Map page, the Vehicle Card will show current charge level (%), available range (in miles), charging status, and lifetime electricity used.
Can I setup an alert to notify me when the battery when my EV drops below a percentage? Yes! You can select Low Battery (EV only) in the Diagnostic Alert to setup an alert for low batteries on your electric vehicles.
Will electric vehicles be shown in reports? Yes, electric vehicles track the same data points as fuel powered vehicles and will display alongside the rest of your existing fleet tracking data.
How can I track and report on my EVs separately from my fuel powered vehicles? You can set up a vehicle group to manage your EVs separate from your fuel powered vehicles.