New Standard Map

The new map is filled with upgraded visuals and features aimed to improve your overall tracking experience.

Meet the New Map

To view your new map, click the Map icon () in the left navigation menu.

Exploring Map Features

Next, you will want to explore the new map features. Use the following links to learn how to master the new map with helpful articles:

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Using the Explore Page

The Explore page hosts new videos and tutorials on how to use our products and important announcements regarding our services. To view the Explore page, click the Explore icon () in the left navigation menu.

Whenever you see a red badge on the Explore icon, that means there’s new content published on the Explore page, so be sure to check it often to stay up to date!

Using Your Resources

Continuing Your Education

Many self-service resources are also available on the Help Center such as product documentation, online help, video tutorials, sample reports, blog updates, frequently asked questions, quarterly webinars on new features, installation guides, knowledgebase articles, newsletters, and more.