Logging in to the Tablet

Drivers will log into ELD Complete using their driver credentials at the beginning of their shift.

BYOD users must connect to the correct device before logging in.

Logging In

Each driver using the system will have a unique login ID, which is linked to the driver’s personal information (e.g. driver’s license, etc.).

How to log in:

  1. On the Login screen, enter your username and password and tap Login.

Login Notes

  • The login name and password are for the specific driver’s use only and must not be shared with any other person and cannot be duplicated.
  • If the driver changes carriers and is now driving for a different carrier, the login name, under certain circumstances, will remain the same and it is the driver’s obligation to ask the home base carrier to update the carrier name and DOT number on the system.
  • The driver is restricted to being logged on to only one ELD at any time. In order for the driver to log in on to a different mobile device, the driver must change to off-duty status and log out from the previous device.
  • In the event, that a driver is still logged on an ELD, but the device ceased to function or gets lost, the driver must call the home base carrier and ask for his login name to be unlocked. The unlock process will change the driver’s status to off-duty at the time the driver solicited the login unlock.

Selecting a Vehicle Profile (Assets)

To select an asset:

  1. Tap Select Tractor or Select Trailer.
  2. Select or search for an existing asset from the asset list.
  3. Once you select a tractor or trailer from the downloaded list, the ELD will display the VIN number, license plate, and registration state on the list.

  4. Tap Save.
  5. Enter your vehicle’s dashboard odometer value (twice) in order for the ELD to adjust discrepancies between the dashboard and engine odometer.
  6. The Diagnostic Screen appears.

  7. Scroll down on the Diagnostics screen and tap Run Diagnostic then tap Continue.
  8. Tap OK to the Driver Configuration Change pop-up.
  9. Select an option from the Warning pop-up.
  10. The Home Screen appears.

    Before driver logs can be exported and shared with an authorized agent, the driver must update their vehicle information with the correct asset(s).

Assumption of Unidentified Logs

During the login process, you will be prompted to review the existing unidentified logs, if applicable.

  1. From the prompt, if the unidentified logs do not belong to you, tap SKIP.
  2. If some, or all, unidentified logs belong to you select REVIEW LOGS.
  3. Select the checkbox associated to the logs that belong to you and assume the logs by tapping ASSUME UNIDENTIFIED LOGS.

Motor Carrier Suggestions

For time to time, the carrier may suggest some changes to driver logs. Drivers are responsible for assuming or rejecting those suggestions.

Carrier-proposed edits will show on your tablet at different times. They will show during login and logout process and they will also be shown as a new ELD message on the main screen

Please make sure:

  • You are not driving while attending to carrier-proposed log edits.
  • You re-certify your ELD records if a carrier-proposed log edit is assumed.

To accept or reject carrier-proposed log changes:

  1. Open the carrier-proposed edit message and select the logs you want to accept OR reject.
  2. Select REJECT or ACCEPT to perform the desired action.
  3. The action selected will be applied to the selected logs.

ELD General Messages and Notifications

Some notifications are shown while logging in to the tablet. Some of them are errors, warnings, or specific information regarding an operational change. These are the most common notifications:

During Log In

  • You are logged on a different device: A driver can only use credentials to log in to one ELD. The same driver account cannot be used on multiple ELDs. If you lost your ELD while authenticated, contact your company and ask them to Unlock your account. You will be able to log in after your account is unlocked.
  • Wrong authentication: Make sure your Username and Password are correct. Also, make sure you have internet access and a good upload/download speed.
  • Downloading error: Issue download shipments, events, violations, etc.,. Make sure you have internet access and good upload/download speed.