Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard tab provides an overview of compliance and HOS details and can be filtered by carrier.

Viewing Compliance Details

To view Compliance details:

  1. In eDash, click the Dashboard tab then Compliance.
  2. Select the carrier from the dropdown menu, then click Execute.
    • In-transit Shipment
    • ELD Compliance
    • Unassigned Driving
    • Violations
    • Hours of Service Compliance
    • Roadside Vehicle Inspections (DVIR)
    • Driver Certified Records

Viewing HOS Options

Hours of Service options:

  1. In eDash, click the Dashboard tab then Hours of Service.
  2. Select the appropriate company in the Carrier field.
  3. Select a specific driver or All (to view all drivers) in the Drivers field.
  4. Once complete, click Execute.
  5. The results will display the following information:
    • Driver
    • Home Base
    • Ruleset
    • Driving Hours
    • OnDuty Hours
    • Cycle OnDuty
    • Next 30 Minutes Break
    • Current Status
    • Last Position
    • Last Update
  6. If all entries are green, the driver is in good standing and in their appropriate worktime window.
  7. If an entry is yellow, the driver is within one hour of going over their allotted time.
  8. If an entry is red, the driver is in compliance error and needs to pull over as soon as possible.