Using the IFTA Tab

The IFTA tab allows you to run IFTA reports for each vehicle in your organization. This report helps you keep track of miles traveled and fuel purchased in each state. This is helpful for companies that file quarterly IFTA or fuel tax reports. These reports are run by year, quarter and month.

To view IFTA reports:

  1. In eDash, click the IFTA tab.
  2. Select the appropriate year, quarter or month from the appropriate dropdown lists.
  3. Select the region from the dropdown list.
  4. Select the carrier from the dropdown list.
  5. Select the appropriate vehicle from the dropdown list.
  6. Once complete, click Execute.
  7. The report will appear with the following information:
    • Jurisdiction
    • Total Miles
    • Taxable Miles
    • MPG
    • Taxable Gallons
    • Tax Paid Gallons
    • Net Taxable Gallons
    • Tax Rate
    • Tax (Credit) Due
  8. You can make edits and recalculate the report where necessary.
  9. Click the Download link at the bottom of the report to download and save for later use.
  10. When a fuel receipt is added, it automatically becomes an adjustment in IFTA.