Viewing Log Books

The Log Books tab gives you the ability to view all of your driver’s daily driving log details. This tab also allows you to download, view and print records as needed, along with exporting ELD data files for troubleshooting purposes or FMCSA regulations.

Viewing Daily Driver Logs

To view daily driver logs:

  1. In eDash, click the Log Books tab.
  2. Select your company from the Carrier dropdown list.
  3. Select the appropriate region/country from the Region dropdown list.
  4. Select the status (Active, Inactive or All) from the Status dropdown list.
  5. Select the appropriate drivers from the Drivers dropdown list.
  6. Select the date you would like to view from the calendar.
  7. Once complete, click Execute.
  8. The driver log results will appear with driver and vehicle details, log grid, and log changes.
    • If you see dots on the log grid, you can click on them to view specific details on driver whereabouts.
    • Blue Dots: Manual Driver Duty Status Changes
    • Black Dots: Automatic ECM Duty Status Changes

Editing Daily Driver Logs

To edit daily driver logs:

  1. Click the edit icon () next to the driver duty status at the bottom of the driver’s log.
    The Edit Log window will appear.
  2. In the Edit Log window, you can change Status, Start Date, Location, and Remarks.
  3. Once complete, click Save.
  4. video demo of editing a log

  5. The driver will receive a notification that you’ve made a change to their log.
    From here, the driver must review the suggested change and approve it.
  6. If the driver approves the edit, the system will update the change. If declined, the edit will be removed.

ECM Duty Status changes cannot be edited.

Exporting & Printing Multiple Logs

To export and print multiple logs:

  1. Click Export Print-Display Logs at the top of the driver’s log.

  2. The Export Print-Display Logs window will open.

  3. Select the Start Date and End Date in the appropriate fields.
  4. Click Export.
  5. The selected logs will open in a PDF document that you can download and print.

Exporting ELD Data Files

To export ELD data files:

  1. Click Export ELD Data File at the top of the driver’s log.
  2. Export data file button
    The Export ELD Data File window will open.

  3. Select the Start Date and End Date in the appropriate fields.
  4. Enter a comment in the Comment field.
  5. Select the Appropriate action from the Action dropdown list. Actions include:
    • Save: To save the file to a CSV or Excel spreadsheet
    • Export to FMCSA: The data file will be sent to FMCSA
  6. Click Export.
  7. If you clicked Save in the Actions dropdown list, the file will open in Excel.