ELD Complete – Admin Reference Guide

The ELD Complete portal provides the ability to administer drivers (add, delete, and monitor), review and edit logs, and run reports. The portal and device stay synchronized to provide a nearly real-time view of your fleet.

Once you are logged in to ELD Complete, you are brought to the home screen of the portal with setup options, administrator tabs, and eDash links. All portal and reporting features are found in eDash.

To access eDash:

  1. Hover over the eDash tab and click HOS + DVIR.
  2. On the HOS + DVIR page, you’ll see the following tabs:
    • Manage: The Manage tab allows you to view and edit carrier details, including profile settings, drivers, home bases, assets, and notifications.
    • Log Books: The Log Books tab gives you the ability to view all of your driver’s daily driving log details. This tab also allows you to download, view and print records as needed, along with exporting ELD data files for troubleshooting purposes or FMCSA regulations.
    • Unidentified Logs: The Unidentified Logs tab provides logs of drive times that are not associated with or captured by a specific driver. This tab allows you to assign these drive times and trips to the correct driver.
    • Log Edits: The Log Edits tab allows you to view edited logs and can be filtered by carrier, status (active, inactive, or all), drivers, date (up to a month), and log status (All, Assumed, Requested, and Rejected).
    • Dashboard: The Dashboard tab provides an overview of compliance and HOS details and can be filtered by carrier.
    • Violations: The Violations tab provides a list of violations your drivers have received through ELD Complete.
    • DVIR: The Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) tab allows you to view all DVIRs completed by your drivers.
    • IFTA Tab: The IFTA tab allows you to run IFTA reports for each vehicle in your organization. This report helps you keep track of miles traveled and fuel purchased in each state. This is helpful for companies that file quarterly IFTA or fuel tax reports. These reports are run by year, quarter and month.
    • Driver Records: The Driver Records tab allows you to run a report on all driver-duty changes made on a driver log. This report can be run for all drivers or a specific driver at a time.
    • FMCSA Records Report: The FMCSA Records report provides a list of all records that have been sent to the FMCSA upon request. The records that can be requested include driver rides and ECM data. ELD Complete keeps a record of the report types and dates sent to FMCSA.
    • Shipments: The Shipments feature allows dispatch or other internal or administrative users to schedule estimated delivery or pickups for their drivers.
    • Driver Duty Report: The Driver Duty report tab allows you to run a report that lists how long a driver was in each duty status within a specific date range.

    The Engine Diagnostics tab is unavailable by default. This is an add-on feature available at an additional cost. Please contact your Account Manager for additional information if you are interested in learning more.