Managing Unidentified Logs

The Unidentified Logs tab provides logs of drive times that are not associated with or captured by a specific driver. This tab allows you to assign these drive times and trips to the correct driver.

To view unidentified logs:

  1. In eDash, click the Unidentified Logs tab.
  2. Select your company from the Carrier dropdown list.
  3. Select the status (Active, Inactive or All) from the Status dropdown list.
  4. Select the appropriate vehicles, or select All, from the Vehicle dropdown list.
  5. Select the date you would like to view from the calendar.
  6. Once complete, click Execute.
  7. The unidentifed log results will display the following information:
    • Timestamps
    • Event Status
    • Odometer
    • Miles
    • Status
    • Remarks
  8. If the unidentified log was captured by the driver, the status will say Assumed.
  9. If the unidentified log was not captured by a driver, the status will say Active and will need to be accepted by the responsible driver.
  10. Be sure to notify the appropriate driver associated with the vehicle and time of the unidentified log.
  11. Once the driver assumes responsibility for the unidentified log, the log will be added to their log book, and the status will be updated to Assumed.