Operating the Tablet

During your shift, you will need to perform certain actions on the tablet during the operation of your asset.

Changing Duty Status

How to change status:

  1. From the Home Screen, tap on the desired duty status button.
  2. The Remark pop-up appears, check a box (if applicable) and/or enter your own remark.
  3. If checking the box corresponding to “Fueling,” enter the number of gallons fueled into the vehicle. This is required for accurate IFTA reporting.

  4. Tap OK to continue.
  5. Your status is changed.

Viewing Time Remaining

The three donuts constantly show the actual time spent on each status (driving, ON- Duty and cycle ON-Duty). The corresponding donut will turn yellow or red to indicate proximity to the time limit.


Tap the ON-Cycle (see recap) donut to see how much ON-Duty time will be removed once the 7th or 14th day is reached. The recap summary message also tells you the day and time when the next available recap will take place.

This information is valuable as you can use it to plan your weekly cycle and be aware of how much time you will get back each day, after the 7th or 14th day (according to the currently selected ruleset).

Possible Violations

You can view possible violations from the tablet.

How to view violations:

  1. From the Home Screen, tap the Menu List icon.
  2. The Menu List options appear.

  3. Tap Violations.
  4. A list of violations (if applicable) is shown.

    A notification message displays on the Home Screen, if triggered, one hour before the possible violation and another one thirty minutes before the next possible violation. Only new violations triggered by a new status change send a notification and the notification is only sent once.

Co-Driver Operation (Authentication & Remarks)

You can add a co-driver during your shift from the tablet.

How to add a co-driver:

  1. From the Home Screen, tap the current driver’s name or you can use the Menu List to select the Co-Driver Login option.
  2. The Co-driver login screen appears.

  3. The co-driver enters their username and password credentials, then taps Login.
  4. If applicable, Unidentified Logs are displayed.

  5. Tap Review Logs to manage the unidentified logs.
  6. Select Unidentified Log events that you want to accept and then tap Assume (at the top of the screen).

Roadside Inspection Mode

If you are stopped on the road by an officer, enter Roadside Inspection Mode to show the officer the required data and export the Printout/Display document and ELD data file.

Completing a Roadside Inspection:

  1. From the Home Screen, tap the Roadside Inspection Mode button.
  2. The DOT Inspection screen appears.

  3. Tap either Print-Display Logs or Export ELD Output File per the officer’s direction.
  4. If you have selected Print-Display Logs, tap PDF view or Email Share.

    If PDF view is selected, the PDF displays directly on the tablet.

  5. If you have selected Export ELD Output File, select the Data Transfer Mechanism from the options shown, enter a file comment, and then tap Export.
  6. If working with sourced tablet, Local or USB is not supported.

    FMCSA web service: This option securely communicates to FMCSA’s end-point ad obtains submission ID.

  7. Enter your password then tap OK.
  8. The file is sent.

ELD General Messages and Notifications

Some notifications are shown while operating the ELD. Some of them are errors, warnings, or specific information regarding an operational change. These are the most common notifications:

During Operation

  • Unidentified Driving: Once the asset begins moving, a Driving event is created. The tablet provides a visual and audible notification instructing the driver to stop and authenticate on the tablet.

    The driver could continue to the destination, authenticate later on and review/accept unidentified events.

  • Logs Certification: At the beginning of every 24-hour period, the ELD shows a notification to the driver asking to certify the logs for the previous day or past days. You can select not to certify your logs (yet), certify the previous 24-hour period, or all pending logs.
  • Automatic Driving status with multiple drivers authenticated: If the vehicle moves, there is more than one driver authenticated on the ELD and no driver is on Driving duty status; the ELD shows an audible and visual notification prompting drivers to select the driver currently operating the vehicle.
  • Carrier-proposed log edits: If the carrier’s back-office personnel propose a change to the driver’s logs, a notification is shown on the ELD. The driver can assume or reject the carrier-proposed edits during login, logout, or by taping on the new message icon.