ELD Diagnostics & Malfunctions


Diagnostic Resolution
Power Data/Compliance Diagnostic ECM parameters must be available within 1 minute of powering the vehicle’s engine on. Make sure you are connected to the ECM device. On the menu, go to Scan Devices and select your ECM device. Make sure all engine parameters pass the diagnostics (all green).
Engine Synchronization Data Diagnostic Not all ECM parameters are available when the ELD records an event (e.g., duty status change). Make sure you are connected to the ECM device. On the menu, go to Scan Devices and select your ECM device. Make sure the diagnostic passes all engine parameters (all green).
Missing Required Data Elements Data Diagnostic (e.g., other required data such as location, coordinates unavailable when recording an event) Make sure the GPS module is enabled on your ELD
Data Transfer Data Diagnostic ELD must verify this functionality at least once every 7 days. Verify that you have an active cellular or wifi connection all the time. Confirm that your logs are always updated on the ELD portal.
Unidentified Driving Records Data Diagnostic (more than 30 minutes of driving without a driver logged on the ELD) You are not logged on the ELD and the vehicle moves for an extended period. Please log in and select your Driving time.


Most malfunctions relate to a Diagnostic; a malfunction is generated when the same diagnostic occurs for at least 30 minutes in the last 24 hours.

Malfunction Description
P- Power Compliance Related to diagnostic 1
E- Engine Synchronization Compliance Related to diagnostic 2. For instance, multiple periods of no ECM data that when added together are more than 30 minutes in the last 24 hours.
T- Timing Compliance The time on the ELD compared to an external time source are different.

Resolution: Make sure the date and time on your mobile device is properly set. DO NOT (manually) change the date or the time on your ELD.
L- Positioning Compliance No location available. Related to diagnostic 1.
R- Data Recording Compliance Monitor storage capability to store records.

Resolution: Make sure you have sufficient internal storage on your ELD. Delete files if necessary.
S- Data Transfer Compliance ELD records cannot be uploaded.

Resolution: Most likely there is no connection to internet access. Restart the ELD (if needed) and confirm you can reconnect to the network.