Running Reports

Each of the available tabs in the Portal offers the ability to run and print reports.

Running Reports

To run reports in ELD Complete:

  1. Select the tab or feature you want to work with.
  2. Select the driver or vehicle depending on the feature you’re working with
  3. Enter all details – company, driver name, activity, and/or date.
  4. Click the Execute link to run the report.
  5. The report results will appear on the same screen.

Available Report

Odometer Jump Report

This report allows carriers to obtain a list of events in which odometer value has jumped. The report shows driver, status, location, odometer value, and date/time stamp data before the odometer jump and after the odometer jump.

By default, the “Include Missing Values” option is unchecked. Once that option is selected, the scenario with zero Odometer value will be added to the report.