The installation kit contains a registration card, the TTC-1000, four 8mm #10 self-tapping screws, four 8mm bolts, eight washers, four locking nuts, and one activation magnet. Additional tools and supplies you need include a cordless drill and one 8mm drill bit.

Complete the registration card by locating the ten-digit serial number (ESN) on the side of the device and copying it onto the card. When the card is complete, you may begin the installation.

Installation Overview

  1. Locate a suitable mounting location.
  2. Secure the device to the asset.
  3. Activate your device.
  4. Register your device.

Installation Steps

  1. 1. Locate a suitable mounting location.

    Identify an area that is horizontal, flat, and has an unobstructed view of the sky. Additionally, this area needs to be safe from potential damage due to normal operation of the asset.

  2. 2. Secure the device to the asset.

    Secure the device positioning using the supplied 8mm #10 self-tapping screws or the 8mm bolts with washers and locking nuts.

  3. 4. Activate the device.

    To activate the TTC-1000, remove the magnet from the top of the device. Ensure the device has a clear view of the sky and allow 24 hours for the device to begin reporting.

    Do not throw away the magnet. This magnet is required to manage the activation state of the GPS device.

  4. 4. Register the device.

  5. To activate your device, with your registration card in hand, use the GPS Insight Verification App via smart phone (iOS|Android). If you have any verification questions, please call 480-508-7478.

    Be sure to use the same logic in step 1 removing the serial number prefix when entering the serial number into the App.

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