How Does the ST-1100/ST-1200 Report?

The ST-1100/ST-1200 device uses solar power to charge its battery, and only uses cellular networks to develop and receive data. Since the ST-1100/ST-1200 is mainly solar-powered, its reporting functions are different than your average device.


Motion Reporting

The ST-1100/ST-1200 begins reporting once a unit has moved for a complete mile. Once the unit hits the one mile mark, the device will trigger a “begin move.”

  • If a unit starts moving at 12:00 pm, and it takes 10 minutes to reach the first mile, the ST-1100/ST-1200 begin-move event will start at 12:10 pm to start motion reporting.
  • If the device is set to report every 15 minutes in motion, your next status report will come in at 12:25 pm since the begin-move was detected at 12:10 pm.

The same situation happens when a trip ends. The device will trigger an “end move” once a trip is complete, and the end time will be calculated in the next 15 minute report.


In order for the ST-1100/ST-1200 to report a reposition event, a trailer needs to move more than (>) 0.1 mile and less than (<) 0.9 mile, in a straight line, and not moved back within the 15-minute reporting window.